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The ABSOLVENTUM Reorganizációs tanácsadó, Vagyonfelügyelő és Felszámoló Kft. (ABSOLVENTUM Reorganisation Consulting Firm of Reorganisation, (Bankruptcy Trustee) Administrator and Liquidator LLC) was established on 9th March 1995 under the name TAKARÉK NORD Felszámoló, Vagyonkezelő Kft., that has been changed to CONTACT NORD Felszámoló, Vagyonkezelő Kft. On 1st April 2010, our company decided to change profile in order to adjust new challenges and regulations. (Part of this) Therefore we chose the name ABSOLVENTUM Reorganisation Consulting Firm of Reorganisation.

From the very beginning, our company deals with dissolutions, bankruptcy proceedings, liquidations and also with insolvency and reorganisation consulting.

In the last 15 years, our company has been continually registered in the National Liquidator Register, in accordance with the prevailing legal regulations.

From 1995, our seat is in Budapest, in addition, we have regional offices in every judge board’s area.

Our company fully meets the prevailing valid regulation of the National Liquidator Register, thus it has sufficient capital, insurance and professional team to carry out complex financial-economical activities.

In the last 15 years, we have successfully closed approximately 1500 liquidations with legally binding judicial mandatory. Approximately the 80% of these closed liquidation processes was simplified, 5% of them ended up with agreement, and 15% is the rate of the liquidations that was concluded under proper process, with significant complexity by their substance. Principally due to the increase of the forced liquidations, the number of dissolutions has increased commonly in the last few years and their amount has increased from the former 10% to 25%, regarding all procedures. In terms of bankruptcy proceedings – as in the whole country in general – our company has carried out only few proceedings.

Our company mainly employs reorganisation liquidators. In our opinion, an activity can only be considered „insolvent”, if its product or service is unmarketable. If the activity is viable per se, and the operating company is insolvent, we prefer the reorganisation of activity with highest priority, in order to keep workplaces.

In the last period, we successfully closed several major liquidations. The most significant of all is the liquidation of the ÉMV state corporation, where – beside the classic liquidation procedure – we successfully shared roughly 540 hectare undivided common property between 48 owner, by introducing the commonly used land and infrastructure into a jointly founded non-profit company. It applied for the industrial park title and gained it, and it effectively provides service up to this day in the valley of Sajóbábony.

In the last 15 years, our company often earned the trust of various designating courts to conduct the liquidation of major organizations, corporations, specially producing plants and factories, where we tried to solve even the most difficult producing, labour, legal and economic problems with our professional and well-prepared team. Such liquidation was, inter alia, BUVÁTI Zrt., the Ózdi Finomhengermű „Munkás” Kft., JPT Centrál Kft., ÉPTEK Alsózsolca Kft.

However a remarkable fraction of our revenues comes from the liquidations and dissolutions, this is an important fact that our company has been giving several financial-economical professional activities in the last period, for example, our company made the reorganization program for DAM STEEL Ltd. for the Italian shareholder.

The ABSOLVENTUM Kft. currently has 250 running liquidations, more than 150 dissolutions, carrying out approximately 450 procedures in total at the same time.
As mentioned above, our company and colleagues are ready to perform insolvency tasks with high efficiency putting into all their professional knowledge, diligence and decade of experience on the insolvency and other economic field.

Our company currently employs 18 well-prepared professionals, 11 of this are employees, 6 of them are permanent, 5 of them are part-time employees and 11 people are employed by different occupation relations. 5 heads out of our colleagues are engineers, 5 heads are economists (certified public accountant/tax advisor), 3 heads are jurists, 1 person is a professional auditor and 5 of them have secondary educations. Our officers are well-educated, skilled, multi-graduate persons with more than 10 years experience on this field and possess insolvency professional economist degree. The fact, that our managing director, Gulyik Zsolt, is elected member of the National Association of Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees professional board, represents our professional regards.